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Group Zoom Class

Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00am CET 60mins

We use a tried and tested technique to get you into great shape physically, emotionally and mentally. The classes are genrally split into three parts:

Class Program

The class will be three part to fix your posture.

Part 1: Loosen Up!

This is where we begin, removing tightness from the shoulders, hips and the body in general. This part alone makes such a difference and really prepares us for....

Yoga Class

Part 2 : "Yoga Strong"

This is where we get more physical. we will work here bringing back muscle, giving your body a different shape and also leaving you feeling mentally stronger.

Practising Yoga

Part 3 : Lenghten the muscle and relax

Now it's time to stretch out the whole body especially those muscles that we  have been working in the previous section. This brings a wonderful feeling of lightness especially when combined with the deep relaxation at the end of the session.

Child's Pose
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.00am CET 60 minute sessions

    Tue, Thu
    Starting at €10
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