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Ibiza Private Class

private class at home

Class Program

There is three part

Part 1: Loosen up!

It`s necessary to loosen up the body, relieving tension wherever it is stored. Every body stores tension differently so this is a focused program that will deal with your particular tension spot.

Yoga Twist

Part 2: "Yoga Strong"

With this yoga program there is a focus on building muscle that gives the body an athletic shape as well as protecting your joints and stimulating your inner organs. You will see how physical work done in a yogic way goes deeper strengthening your mind and giving you control over your emotions.

Yoga Twist

Part 3: Stretch and Relax

Stretching the whole body brings a wonderful sense of lightness, especially when combined with deep relaxation. It is a core philosophy of ours that our body and mind are extensions of each other so when we work on your physical aspect then we are also working on the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of  yourself.

Ashtanga Class
  • Your Personal Relaxation-station

    93 euros
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